Facebook all new design with amazing interface – Get The New Design Now.

Are you still using the old design or user interface of facebook…

Don't worry now the time to change it with latest fb design.

As Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site, it
tends to experiment with its design and add new features For example
in 2012 it introduces Timeline and added feature of video calling.

On Thursday facebook unveils its redesign News Feed.

You can customizethe News Feed by selecting options from feeds like:
Most recent, friends, group, music etc. The great thing about the new
design is that the customized settings will work on multiplatform for
Example customized settings for News feed will be shown on your tablet
as well as mobile phone or any other devices.

How To Get New Design ?
If you join the wait list you will be one of few users who can
experience this new feature before others, otherwise it will take few
weeks to show up new design for your account.

Follow the simple steps given below to try this new facebook look.

1. First Loginto your Facebook account.

2. Then go Through this link

3. Now scroll to bottom of the page and click on Join Wait List
Few Screen Shots Of New Design
If you are eager to see the new look of facebook, check out few
screenschots of facebooks new design.

Give a like to our facebook page with your new facebook design,…

!! Enjoy !!

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