Install Android KitKat On Your Computer [Without Virtual Box]



Hey Friends before this if we were likely to install Droid On
our computers or laptops that time we were required to install
virtual box and perform all realated complicated processes to it
but know as google has released an X86 version of android then we dont need
to worry because now we can install android on our computer as
we used to install windows!!

Its very simple and so I’ve Prepared this simple tutorial
to guide you through all the processes. This tutorial made by me
has been really tried hard to be simple yet if you have any queries,you may comment below

Okay so lets get on to installing kikat on on your PC or LAPI
It is divided in steps:

1. First of all you ned to download the .ISO file of the OS as like
Windows.So go here and find a suitable file for your computer    

2.After the download is completed , burn the image to bootble DVD or CD by
using NERO or Power ISO or any other BURNER

3. Or you can make a bootable pendrive by using  NOVI corp. WIN to FLASH tool

4. Before continuing plz check your BIOS settings and verify if they are set to boot through USB
or in case you are using CD/DVD then adjust the settings

5.then put the CD/DVD or lug the flash drive to your PC

6. Boot the PC from the CD/DVD or flash drive

7. On booting a screen will appear select Install Android x86 to hard disk.


9. If you chose to use a new partition, don’t forget to format it right away.

10. Allow te installation to continue. Provide the necessary permissions required for the installation (Do not click on cancel at any stage otherwise the system  BOOT ROM might get corrupted

11. Once the installation is completed,Reboot the computer and Enjoy!!!

BY: yuvraj pawar

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