CYBER SECURITY :: Ad theft Malware Attacked Over 75000 jailbraked IOS Devices

If you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and have downloaded pirated tweaks from pirated repositories, then you may be infected by “AdThief” malware, a Chinese malware that is now installed on more than 75,000 iPhone devices.

According to a recent research paper published on Virus Bulletin by the Security Researcher Axelle Apvrille, the malware, also known as “spad,” was first discovered by security researcher Claud Xiao in March this year.

Till now, AdThief aka Spad malware has hijacked an estimated 22 million advertisements and stealing revenue from developers on the iOS jailbreak community, Axelle Apvrille says.
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The malware allegedly infects iOS jailbroken devices by disguising itself as Cydia Substrate extension, presents only on jailbroken Apple devices, when a malware infected Cydia package is downloaded and installed by the unsuspecting user.

Once installed, the malware modifies certain advertisements displayed on your iOS devices in an effort to redirect all the revenues to malware developer. In short, if you download or install a free ad-supported iOS app from the App Store, all of the cash generated by that app goes to the cyber criminal behind AdThief rather than the app’s developer.
“In other words, each time you view or click an ad on an infected device, the corresponding revenue goes to the attacker, and not to the developer or the legitimate affiliate,” Apvrille said. “[AdThief] hooks various advertisement functions and modifies the developer ID (promotion ID) to match that of the attacker.”
Adthief has targeted advertisements from 15 popular mobile advertising networks, including Google’s AdMob and Mobile Ads, AdWhirl, MdotM, and MobClick, four of which were based in the US, two in India and the remainder in China.

The security researcher was able to identify the targets because the hacker mistakenly forgot to remove identifying information from the code. Further investigation allowed Apvrille to identify the coder who ran a blog providing details of various Android hacks, a Github and inactive Twitter account. Researcher located a Chinese vxer Rover 12421 who admitted writing the AdThief code but denied propagating it.

According to the researcher, the number of infected devices by the malware is small if compared to the figure of iOS devices in use, attackers likely generated significant revenue with an estimated 22 million advertisements hijacked.

The most important thing about this particular hack is that there is no way to find out if your device is infected by AdThief malware, because it runs in the background and is almost impossible to detect. Users of unmodified iOS devices need not to worry as they are safe from this malware infection.

Users of jailbroken Apple iOS devices are recommended to avoid downloads from untrusted repositories. Always be careful about adding new sources, and also be suspicious of those sources that promise pirated downloads of paid apps or tweaks

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Techno News : A Phone Launched With A Size Of A PEN |

As the 21st century is passing , it has given rise to many new technologies and everything has become a kind of science fiction like the above diplayed image shows a flexible mobile phone capable of twisting!!

The design of the Samsung ONE is presented by Yejin Jeon on Yanko Design. Samsung One is so small that it could easily be mistaken for a pen. It is not larger than a pen, nor is it much heavier either. However, it is certainly lighter than a smartphone. The Samsung concept relies on cloud computing and involves a wide screen display that comes out of the pen. This screen is a 6 inch bendable sheet and at the edge of the pen we also have an embedded camera. You can make ONE stand in order to use the 6 inches of screen estate to their full extent. When the display is inside the pen there’s a small touchscreen on the side of the pen. This one allows you to control the device and has the role of showing notifications, signal, battery and more.

There’s a speaker at the edge of the device and a lock at the other. The brilliant thing about this device is that you can pull part of the flexible screen of the ONE and use it as a camera viewfinder when you turn the handset’s camera on, that’s very, very cool. I say that such a product is doable with today’s technology, but it could end up being much thicker. The display is ejected from the pen-like body like a scroll and the body holds a camera sensor near the top, a speaker opposite the image sensor and a micro USB port at the bottom. Along the side of the pen body, or what would be the top of the display pull-out, a smaller panel displays some notifications and other device status information, such as a battery meter, wireless signal meter, alarms and time. ONE is a very clever design. And it answers one of the growing issues with smartphones of late: pocket real estate. These were the features yet promised to us but we can honestly expect to get a little bit less than we hope. As up to this point it is inconceivable

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Techno News: Truecaller Database Hacked!! | Remove the app immediately |

NEW DELHI : Global phone directory App TrueCaller has been hacked by hacktivist group Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The hacking group announced this in a post on Twitter, along with an image that showed details of some users of the app.

Syrian Electronic Army broke the news via a tweet saying, “Sorry@TrueCaller, we needed your database, thank you for it.” The hackers openly released TrueCaller’s database host ID, username and password via another tweet.

TrueCaller App is available on Android,iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbianplat forms. 
The app’s databases have access codes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail accounts of millions of users globally. Reports say that TrueCaller website went down for a while but is now back online. In June this year,TrueCaller announced that its user base has touched the 20-million mark, representing growth of 100% in a period of five months. It said that it has 1 million users in India in March.

The Syrian hacking collective revealed that it exploited the TrueCaller website as it is based on outdatedWordpressplatform, which gave them access to the admin panel. Speaking to E Hacking News, the SEA hackers said that they have hacked into the phone directory’s servers and downloaded more than seven databases. The biggest database has data worth 450GB.
Syrian Electronic Army is behind several high profile hackings, including those of Associated Press, BBC and The Onion.

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