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Offer : Get Aircel 3G Speed In 2G Pack | Official Offer November 2014

Again Aircel is back with a new Offer .In this Aircel is Offering 3G Speed In 2G Pack .Its an Official Offer Valid throughout this month(November 2014) and may work next month but not confirm. Its easy just recharge your account with a 2G Pack and get this Offer.

Please Note : You will get 3G Speed throughout your 2G Pack’s Data but in 2G Unlimited plans this will only work this FTP Limit. So make sure of it.

Note : This Trick may not work in some of the states of India.

Steps to Get it :

1. Recharge with a 2G Pack and make sure that 3G is enabled in your sim
2. After successful recharge you may get a message from aircel telling you about the offer.
3. If you didn’t get the message then don’t worry just change you network mode to “WCDMA” ,i.e., 3G.
4. Done !! Enjoy the Offer !!

If it doesn’t works in your state then i am very very sorry 😦

Free Internet : Aircel 1GB 3G Data + Voice benefits For 1 Month | 100% Working With Proof | October 2014

Hello Guys , Recently we posted a trick to Get 3GB 3G Data For 3 Months In Aircel but this trick is not all set that you will get ,you have to try ur luck for 3GB Data Trick.
But This Post Is for all. Yeah I’am Right I Tested This Trick In More Than 15+ States Including UP (E) , UP(W) ,Delhi ,Maharastra ,Delhi ,Jharkhand ,Kashmir ,Bihar ,Orrisa ,Goa ,Andra Pradesh ,Madhya Pradesh ,Gujrat ,Hariyana ,etc.
In This Great trick you will get 1 GB 3G Data And Some Voice benefits based upon your eligibility (I Got 30 Minutes Local Call) You May get More or Less But anyway its 100% Free.
So here we go :-

Steps To Get Free 3G Data :

  • Open your message and compose a new one.
  • Type “SAMSUNG” and send it to 121
  • You Will Receive a message saying :-“Dear Customer, Reply to 121 with:
    1 or ACC for Account
    3 or SRSTATUS for Service Request Status
    4 or VAS for Data VAS
    8 or BAL for Balance details 9 or 3G for info on 3G services
    0 or More for all services.”
  • Now Wait For 60 Seconds and then Type “NOKIA” and send it to 121.
  • Now Its a Bingo.You Will get a Thank You message :-“We have received your request and will offer 1GB Free + Voice benefits based on your eligibility over the nxt 3 days. Pls don’t change device for free offer.”
Note : After getting confirmation for valid code wait for two to three days, you will get another confirmation message for data.
Note : Do not change your handset till you receive the second  confirmation

Proof :

Want 3 GB Free Data ???
Then Visit This Link- Click Here

Free Internet : Aircel 3GB 3G Data For 3 Months 100% Working With Proofs | November 2014

Snapdeal is offering free Aircel 3G data with phones brought from it. Its just simple when you brought a phone from snapdeal after its delivery they will email the coupon to you via email. You can simply redeem it in your aircel sim.
Its Totally free and Official Offer from Aircel and Snapdeal.To grab this offer you have to buy a phone from snapdeal 😦But i’ll give you the best coupon for this ,you have to try your luck.If you were lucky then you will easily get the free data.So here we go :-

Steps To Get Free 3G Data :

  • Open your message and compose a new one.
  • Type the below code (Don’t Type this ****)

SD DR****

  • In place of **** type number between 5000-9000.
  • You might receive some error messages given below but remember “TRY TRY BUT DON’T CRY”.Keep trying your luck
  • These are Error messages :-
    1) Dear Customer promo code send has been already used. Please check the promo code and sent it again.
    2) Dear Customer it seems you have sent the invalid promo code. Please send the valid promo code.
  • If you got lucky and send an unused code then you will get a Thank you message (Given Below).
  • Thank you for choosing Aircel on your phone you bought on Snapdeal .We will offer you 1GB Free data for the next 3 months, during this time please do not change your handset to activate this offer. Offer Valid only on Prepaid subscriber.
If I share my experience then after sending 43-45 messages i got free data
My Code Was :
“SD DR4464”.
Update : There are more Codes like SD XR (or other) but all these are now totally used up so try this updated code : “SD DR****”
Note : After getting confirmation for valid code wait for a day or two, you will get another confirmation message for data.
Note : You will get 1 GB 3G Data / 3 month.
Note : Do not change your handset till you receive the second  confirmation

Proof :

Free Internet : Aircel 3G 3GB UDP VPN Trick | 100% Working Without any Survey | November 2014

Aircel Is very popular these days because of its low cost 3G Internet Tariffs.Aircel is also very easy to hack than idea ,vodafone ,airtel.So we are posting a new 100% working trick Tested by me.
Read the article below :-

1) Make Your Own Config. VPN File :

  • Now simply click on “Windows” (As shown in the image)

  •  Now click on “Port 53 over UDP (DNS over UDP)” (As stated above in the image).

  • Now click on “Download all configurations in a zip” and you must tick on the checkbox below it “Include my username and password (API KEY) in the config”.
  • Now simply download your file in a zip 
Note : This VPN service allows 3GB / Month.Hence after 3GB usage create another account and enjoy your free data non-stop 🙂

This Trick Works in –

  • Make your access point “aircelgprs” or “aircelwap”.
  • You must have 3G Activated Sim (If not then Type “START3G” to 121).
  • Try this trick only in 0 balance or not.

Steps To Use This Trick :

Android Mobile Users:
  1. Download the given config. file and save it in SD Card.
  2. Download Feat Vpn/ Open Vpn /Droid VPN (Any one).
  3. Open Feat Vpn (Or other) and upload config files from your Sd card to Feat Vpn.
  4. Now Connect.
Update for Mobile Users : 1) Download Finchvpn Android App 
                                               2) Sign In and Connect.
                                               3) Enjoy thats it.

Done !!!
PC/Laptop Users :
  1. Download NMD VPN.
  2. Install it and you must run it as “Run As Administrator
  3. Paste the downloaded config file to C:\Program Files\NMD VPN\Config\
  4. Now Open NMD VPN as “Run As Administrator ,Now in the system tray you will see its icon : Red Color means ‘Disconnected‘ , Yellow means “Connecting” ,Green means “Connected”
  5. Connect it with any one config file.

Proof for Working :



Speed Capping Problems :

  • You may face a great speed dropping after 100 MB Data Usage.
  • But its True you will get 100 MB 3G Data /per day.
  • Beyond 100 MB you will get Speed upto 40 kbps. “Unlimited”

Working States :

  • UP East
  • UP West
  • Uttarakhand
  • Jharkhand
  • Delhi (High Speed)
  • Kolkata (High Speed)
  • Andra Pradesh 
  • Maharashtra
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Gujarat
  • Goa

Video Tutorial :

Download Links :

Thank you for visiting do come back.! 

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If it is working for you ,Then plz say us thanks and Mention your State in the Comment !!!!