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Tutorial : How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome | Solved For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

I just faced a f**cking problem in my Windows 7 that my Google Chrome Start Showing SSL Connection Error in all Google Websites.Soon after that i discovered that many other people are also facing this problem ,So i will make you all happy by this tutorial for fixing this problem.People can’t access their emails [Gmail] because of this problem.I was totally confused and could not find any solution for it. So, I made all possible searches for it but unfortunately I could not find any solution for it.After that i go deeply in google chrome and after a hard work of about 2 days i found its causes and solution too.I learnt the root of this problem and finally come out with some successful solutions.

If you are also facing this problem then this tutorial is for you !! Here we go :-

So the problem is with Google Chrome.An error comes like this :-

Before coming to the Solutions You must know that what is SSL and The causes of this Error.

What is SSL Connection Error :

SSL means Secure Socket LayersSSL is an internet protocol that ensures privacy protection in many websites. It is used for safe data transmission in case of password login or confidential account information.Hence, the Google chrome browser has in-built default certificate list of various SSLs.As default, the settings in Google chrome is selected as medium, nor too strict neither too open.If there is some mismatch withing this list of SSL certificates, the SSL connection error arises.

Causes of SSL Connection error in Google Chrome Browser:

  • If there is a problem in CMS battery which leads to the Time and Date mismatches.
  • If SSL certificate is untrusted of that site.
  • If there is a SSL certificate name mismatch error.
  • If the SSL certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate authority.
  • If you are behind Corporate firewall and you are trying to use a htpps://
  • If the page contains both secure and non secure items.

Solution 1 :

  • Change the date and time correctly :
    Most often SSL connection error in Google Chrome browser arises due to mismatch date and time. It is because when you open a website (especially account websites like Gmail or Facebook) it tracks the location, date and time of your system. If there is a mismatch in the information, it blocks the certification from your system. So, just correct your date and time and relaunch the Google Chrome browser.

Solution 2 :

  • Tweak Google Chrome :
    This proposed solution is actually a fix and does not solve the root of the problem. Just follow the below steps to tweak Google Chrome Browser:
  • Right click on the Shortcut file of Google Chrome at your desktop.
  • Choose Properties. A Dialog Box will appear.
  • You would see a field named “Target”. Just Tweak that i.e modify it. Add the below code at the last as show in the below image.
  • After applying the below code just Click on OK.


 This Will Definitely Fix The Problem 🙂

Solution 3 :

  • Change the settings of Internet in Google Chrome Browser :
    Generally, the SSL error message comes when some of the elements of a secure webpage are not loaded by secure sources. This error comes mostly in frames, JavaScript and images. There are three possible to solve SSL error by changing the settings of internet:

Change the SSL settings in browser:

  • Open Google Chrome. Press “Customize and control Google Chrome” option.
Customize and Control Google Chrome Option

_Customize and Control Google Chrome Option_
  • Click on ” Settings”.
  • A new window of Google Chrome settings will open. Scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Now, scroll down. You will see a tab of “Change Proxy Settings” under Network. Click on it.
Change Proxy Settings option

_Change Proxy Settings option_
  • A new window of Internet Properties will open in your screen.
  • Choose “Security” tab.  Set Security level zone as medium. If it is selected as before then leave it.
  • Choose “Privacy” tab. Set Internet zone as medium. If it is selected as before then leave it.
  • Now, choose “Content” tab. Click on “Clear SSL state” and press OK.

_Fix SSL Connection error in Google Chrome – Clear SSL State option_
  • Now, relaunch the browser and open the desired website.
If this method also does not help you the follow the below browser settings:
  • Open Google Chrome. Press “Customize and control Google Chrome” option.
  • Click on ” Settings”
  • A new window of Google Chrome settings will open. Scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Now, scroll down. You will see a tab of “Manage Certificates”. Click on it.

_Manage Certificates option in Google Chrome_
  • A new window of certificates will open. Just import the desire certificate and relaunch the browser.

_Import Certificates option in Google Chrome_
  • That’s it. Now open your desired website without anu problem. 

Additional Tweak for Windows XP Users :

  • Guys i suggest you to stop using it because it no longer a part of Official Microsoft.If you Can not Install Windows Vista/7/8 because of low specs of your PC Then Make Sure you are using Service Pack 3 not 1 or 2.If yes then Download SP3 Package from Microsoft’s Official Website and Upgrade.

Techno News: Truecaller Database Hacked!! | Remove the app immediately |

NEW DELHI : Global phone directory App TrueCaller has been hacked by hacktivist group Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The hacking group announced this in a post on Twitter, along with an image that showed details of some users of the app.

Syrian Electronic Army broke the news via a tweet saying, “Sorry@TrueCaller, we needed your database, thank you for it.” The hackers openly released TrueCaller’s database host ID, username and password via another tweet.

TrueCaller App is available on Android,iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbianplat forms. 
The app’s databases have access codes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail accounts of millions of users globally. Reports say that TrueCaller website went down for a while but is now back online. In June this year,TrueCaller announced that its user base has touched the 20-million mark, representing growth of 100% in a period of five months. It said that it has 1 million users in India in March.

The Syrian hacking collective revealed that it exploited the TrueCaller website as it is based on outdatedWordpressplatform, which gave them access to the admin panel. Speaking to E Hacking News, the SEA hackers said that they have hacked into the phone directory’s servers and downloaded more than seven databases. The biggest database has data worth 450GB.
Syrian Electronic Army is behind several high profile hackings, including those of Associated Press, BBC and The Onion.

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