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Free Mobile Recharge : Get Rs.50 per referrer [Highest Paying Free Recharge App] Size 5.4 MB

Hello guys, we are again back with a new application of android that is paying highest in November 2014 comparing to other apps like Freeplus and Earn Talktime . This site called mcent once giving Rs.10 recharge for just signing up but now it doesn’t do like this.
Rs.50 is not a small amount if you are getting it for free just by referring.Just imagine if you refer 10 of your friends then you can earn Rs.500 /-

Steps to get Free recharges with mcent:

 Note: You will be redirected mcent’s website then click on the download from to play store button and download mcent.

  • Now after installing mcent application click on Join Option and sign up there with your details.
  • Now you need to enter the code which you received on your mobile number and confirm it.
  • After doing all the steps your account will be created.
  • Now you will find many offers on the sites by which you can earn free mobile recharge.

Note: You will are redirected to their site by above link then register there and then download the app by this link – 
  • In the app you will see many offers just download that offer’s app and get upto Rs.15 or more.
Important Note: After completing offers of downloading applications you will get money instantly in your wallet if not then wait for some minutes.
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Earn : Get Free 50 Bitcoins by just Registering | Earn more Coins by referring your friends

Visit Website : Click here

Hello Everyone,
Today we are going to share an earning trick ,its very simple and easy with no Conditions. I hope you will like it.

Main Objectives : 

  1. It’s fully official Method so do’t need to think more.
  2. Xapo is an online company that allows you to even more secure your bitcoins.They also provides a free of cost debit card like that of payoneer.
  3. For Promotions they are giving 50 bits free to each of the new users and they can earn extra 50 bits per their referrer.
  4. You can convert the Xapo Credits Into any Currency (USD ,INR) or in Bitcoins and transfer it also.
Visit Website : Click here

What is Bitcoins??
It is a digital currency or you can say virtual currency which value is more than dollar in 1 bit coin you Get 370 $ USD approx. And in INR 1 bit = 24,000+ Rupees.So it’s each cent value is very valuable. From bitcoin you can buy any online products as normal you buy with Rs or dollar. 

 Visit Website : Click here

Follow these Simple Steps :

1- First Go To this Link Earn Bitcoins (mandatory step ! ).
2- Now Create your Account with your email.

3- Open your mail id and confirm your account by verification link.
4- After Confirming come back to Xapo and you can now see 50 bits In your Account In USD It is about 0.02 USD.
5-From Earn More Section invite Your friend and earn 50 bits per your Reffered User.

Visit Website : Click here

This site offer you a free debit card also. So you can use this debit card in any atm just like that of payoneer Card ,But for receiving atm card you must Required amount.

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Earn : How to Earn 50$ Easily by Doing Nothing With A Social Site Bubblews |

We always gives our visitors all possible tricks & tips on basically on very point or subject.

Today, I am going to share an earning tricks with you all.I earned 50$ By doing almost nothing in just 12 Days!
Isn’t it Cool 😀

Its nothing but a website like twitter (you can say)

where you follow others ,comment on there posts ,like ,etc.Thus,its a social networking site.But the best part is that you earn when someone follows you ,view your post ,comment or like….!

To make 50$ Like i had made then Just follow these steps :-

  • Go to this website
  • Register A new account here.

  • Now you have to follow a good number of people (This will increase your visibility on this site) (Follow me at bubblews)
  •  Follow me
  • Like and Comment on others post.
  • Write your own post and post it on your wall as well as share it on facebook and twitter too.
  • To post good visit my profile and see my posts (see my post on bubblews)
 Follow Me
How to withdraw your money from bubblews ?

  • Make a good number of like and comments.
  • When your earning reached 50$ (In Bank section) Click on redeem. It will ask your paypal Email ,Enter it.
  • Done !!!
Proof :
Before 12 Days
After 12 Days

Note :
  • Post original Contents.
  • Never like your own post.
  • Never post adult content.
  • Read all TOS for Bubblews.
  • Never violate any Bubblews TOS.

Hacked : Download Latest Bots of ,Linkbucks , to Earn Upto $25/day | Direct Links |

AdFly Bot Bot v5.0 Download  :

  1. DataFileHost Link
  2. Dropbox Link

File Size : 48 KB (.rar) Bot_1.3 Bot v1.3 Download :

  1. DataFileHost Link
  2. Dropbox Link

    File Size : 24 KB (.rar)

10 K Bot
10K Hit Bot Download :

  1. DataFileHost Link
  2. Dropbox Link

File Size : 105 KB (.rar)

Bucks Bot Download :

  1. Google drive Link
  2. Dropbox Link

File Size : 17 KB (.rar)

How To insert Proxy??
1. Take out latest free Proxies from Hidemyass.
2. Copy the Proxies to Notepad & Save.
3. Open that Note from the bot.
4. Start the bot.
*Note* Please read our Legal policy Before downloading!!

Some Proxies
(But These are May dead ,Take out new proxies from Hidemyass)
Our Policy
Before using this application you must know some important points of our legal Policy.

1. We are not responsible for any problem that occurs while using this application.
2. We are not 100% sure that it works for you. Try it on your Risk.
3. This process is illegal for many ad skipping sites. Your account could be blocked for this.
4. This software is related to cyber hack and it may not work.
5.You must make a new account on your ad paying sites and try this .
We are not responsible!!
Don’t Worry!!
This software is secure towards your computer and contains no Viruses ,Trojans ,Malwares.
Tested about 15 Times in different P.C & OS.
Download Links are 100% Secure (Dropbox ,Google drive)
But You must make a new account on your ad-paying site & Try this !! 

Recently fixed for win XP/7/8.   

Updated For your Convenience.

    EnjoY !!

    Tutorial : Earn by just completing survey with SurveySavvy | 100% legal & Safe | 20$ At sign up |

    SurveySavvy is free,safe and easy Companies
    are looking for consumer opinions from people like you!

    Since 1999, SurveySavvy® has been directly connecting you with those

    companies and pays cash for sharing your opinions. After you join and

    complete your member profile, they will use the information to target

    various demographic groups according to criteria established by their

    clients. When your profile matches the basic criteria for a specific

    survey, they will invite you via email to participate. If you pass the

    in-depth screening portion of the survey and complete the body of the

    survey, SurveySavvy will credit your account the amount mentioned in

    the invitation!

    Behavioral Research

    Launched in 2009, SavvyConnect® is an easy to use desktop application

    that unobtrusively includes you in behavioral market research while

    you browse the Internet. When you install the software client, you

    help our clients better understand online behavior and can receive

    supplementary paid surveys for remaining active. Incentives for

    participating in SavvyConnect® continue to evolve as we develop the


    Reffer and earn !!!

    Download their SurveyConnet application for P.C, Mobile ,Laptop ,tab

    and get 20$ for free

    Visit SurveySavvy And earn Now!!!

    Tutorial : Highest Paying URL Shorter Site | Easy-to-reach $5.00 minimum payout | Is One Of The Most Popular URL Shorter Site Which Pays the Highest Rate !!

     Sign Up Now !

    Its Very Easy To Define :

    • Its a URL Shorter Site (Converts Long URL Into Small Link).
    • It Pays You By the Number of clicks on your link.
    • It display Ads to your visitors and earn from them.

    Steps Towards The Success With :

    1. Sign Up With Your Details.
    2. Confirm your email.
    3. Shrink links And Share It.
    4. When you reach at 5$ ,Request Your Paymant.
    5. Give your paypal Id.


    Tutorial : Earn by sharing your Links | Upto 55% Extra than any Other | Earning Guide |

    Share your Links And earn Upto $7/1000 visitors | Money earning tutorial | Earn upto 55% Extra

    Hello guys, Today i am back with a new “Tutorial” or “EARNING-GUIDE”.Now just share your links and earn Upto $7/1000 Visitors.

     The Ultimate Money Earning Site…………………!

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    ADFOC.US Is the Top paying site than Any Other (ADF.LY / LINKBUCKS.COM / e.t.c) Will pay you $10/10,000 visitors (IN “A” Grade country only) 

    ADFOC.US Will pay you $7/1,000 Visitors (IN “A” GRADE COUNTRY ONLY) 

    “A” Grade country involves U.S And E.T.C

    sign up

    Like you Want to share this link :
    You can Shrink it Using ADFOC.US Like :
    Now share your shorted Link And Who click on the link he have to Wait for 6 seconds and the he have to click on skip Ad. 
    1. Visit this Link ( sign Up with your details!
    2. Confirm your E-MAIL.
    3. When you visit your dashboard you will find “Complete your account details in order to be get paid!”,click on it and enter your payment details (like : Payee name,address,mobile no. ,etc)
    4. Shrink your Link and share it. 
    *NOTE*: will pay you through Paypal ,you must have a paypal account ,if not sign up now ! 
    As your frnd / customer click on the shortend link you will find than will pay you for each of the clicks 
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    1. Social Networking Sites (like : facebook ,google+ ,twitter,etc) are the best way to promote your links.
    2. If you have your own blog or website ,then superb : This will help you in rapid earning!
    3. You can give me your link by email : ( ,or Use our SUBMIT POST Feature (it will help you to promote)

    Want to make money even more faster Visit : Coming Soon

    Tutorial : Free Mobile Recharging the Ultimate Official Site (Double Your Earnings)

    Laaptu Is A Free Talktime Giving site – You can get Credits by just playing Quizes ,Math quiz ,Contests Or just inviting your Friendzzz


    Laaptu is a gratification website with a gamification module that adds to the fun. Our users participate in games and get Free mobile recharge as reward.

    Why Free mobile recharge?

    Since 95% of mobile phone subscribers in India use prepaid mobile phones, so we thought of giving free mobile recharge to our users. To make it more interesting, we have used some gamification techniques such as guess submission, games, and rewards based on activity on the site.

    We believe in giving more and more to our users. Keeping this in mind we are working towards adding some more interesting categories on Laaptu.
    Everything on Laaptu is free and will always be. 

    What to Do For Free Recharge..
    1. Go to the Laaptu website.
    2. Register Your Self.
    3. Verify Your Mobile No.
    4. Done!! Now Play quizes ,Contests & Invite your Friends & Earn Free Mobile Recharge
    5. Get Recharged