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Free Mobile Recharge : Get Rs.50 per referrer [Highest Paying Free Recharge App] Size 5.4 MB

Hello guys, we are again back with a new application of android that is paying highest in November 2014 comparing to other apps like Freeplus and Earn Talktime . This site called mcent once giving Rs.10 recharge for just signing up but now it doesn’t do like this.
Rs.50 is not a small amount if you are getting it for free just by referring.Just imagine if you refer 10 of your friends then you can earn Rs.500 /-

Steps to get Free recharges with mcent:

 Note: You will be redirected mcent’s website then click on the download from to play store button and download mcent.

  • Now after installing mcent application click on Join Option and sign up there with your details.
  • Now you need to enter the code which you received on your mobile number and confirm it.
  • After doing all the steps your account will be created.
  • Now you will find many offers on the sites by which you can earn free mobile recharge.

Note: You will are redirected to their site by above link then register there and then download the app by this link – 
  • In the app you will see many offers just download that offer’s app and get upto Rs.15 or more.
Important Note: After completing offers of downloading applications you will get money instantly in your wallet if not then wait for some minutes.
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Offer : Get Aircel 3G Speed In 2G Pack | Official Offer November 2014

Again Aircel is back with a new Offer .In this Aircel is Offering 3G Speed In 2G Pack .Its an Official Offer Valid throughout this month(November 2014) and may work next month but not confirm. Its easy just recharge your account with a 2G Pack and get this Offer.

Please Note : You will get 3G Speed throughout your 2G Pack’s Data but in 2G Unlimited plans this will only work this FTP Limit. So make sure of it.

Note : This Trick may not work in some of the states of India.

Steps to Get it :

1. Recharge with a 2G Pack and make sure that 3G is enabled in your sim
2. After successful recharge you may get a message from aircel telling you about the offer.
3. If you didn’t get the message then don’t worry just change you network mode to “WCDMA” ,i.e., 3G.
4. Done !! Enjoy the Offer !!

If it doesn’t works in your state then i am very very sorry 😦

Free Internet : Airtel 3G Proxy Trick For Mobile [Java and Android Handler] | November 2014

Guys , We recently posted Aircel 3G UDP VPN Trick its Working now also.As you all know we only post working tricks and today we will give you a superb Airtel 3G Proxy handler trick for mobiles with Unlimited Usage.This trick may not work in some regions but In U.P. East and In Delhi its working i personally tested it . It is based on a proxy and for that we provided you proxy handler also to use this trick both on java phones (.jar) and android phones (.apk).
There are Instructions given in the downloaded file so please read it carefully !!!

Requirements :

  • Airtel 3G Sim with 0 balance [Works in 2G also]
  • 3G Pack for 3G speed.
  • A Mobile that has Android or Java Enabled .

Advantages :

  • In 2G Speed is Upto 100+ Kbps.
  • In 3G Speed Is Upto 400+ Kbps.
  • No Speed Capping.
  • No sim Blocking.
  • Unlimited Usage.
  • Works In 0 balance.

Disadvantages :

  • Airtel 3G is available only in some circles.
  • Sometimes We face problems when connecting to 3G
  • You need to recharge a small amount 3G Pack to get 3G Speed,
    Otherwise ,you get 2G Speed.
  • Airtel 2G is Down in some circles of india.
    Speed may not cross 100 kbps.
  • Good thing is that it is unlimited 🙂

Steps To Use This Trick :

Android Mobile Users:
  1. Download Android Opera Handler (.apk) – Download it from here
  2. Download the Instructions from this link – Download it from here
  3. Make the proxy settings in the handler.
  4. Just Enjoy !!
Android Mobile Users:
  1. Download Java Opera Mini Handler (.jar) – Download it from here
  2. Instructions are also provided in the sabove download link.
  3. Make the proxy settings in the handler.
  4. Just Enjoy !!

Working States :

  • UP East
  • UP West
  • Delhi
  • Please Comment If it Works
    In Your State.

Downloads :

Thank you for visiting do come back.! 

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If it is working for you ,Then plz say us thanks and Mention your State in the Comment !!!!

Free Internet : Aircel 1GB 3G Data + Voice benefits For 1 Month | 100% Working With Proof | October 2014

Hello Guys , Recently we posted a trick to Get 3GB 3G Data For 3 Months In Aircel but this trick is not all set that you will get ,you have to try ur luck for 3GB Data Trick.
But This Post Is for all. Yeah I’am Right I Tested This Trick In More Than 15+ States Including UP (E) , UP(W) ,Delhi ,Maharastra ,Delhi ,Jharkhand ,Kashmir ,Bihar ,Orrisa ,Goa ,Andra Pradesh ,Madhya Pradesh ,Gujrat ,Hariyana ,etc.
In This Great trick you will get 1 GB 3G Data And Some Voice benefits based upon your eligibility (I Got 30 Minutes Local Call) You May get More or Less But anyway its 100% Free.
So here we go :-

Steps To Get Free 3G Data :

  • Open your message and compose a new one.
  • Type “SAMSUNG” and send it to 121
  • You Will Receive a message saying :-“Dear Customer, Reply to 121 with:
    1 or ACC for Account
    3 or SRSTATUS for Service Request Status
    4 or VAS for Data VAS
    8 or BAL for Balance details 9 or 3G for info on 3G services
    0 or More for all services.”
  • Now Wait For 60 Seconds and then Type “NOKIA” and send it to 121.
  • Now Its a Bingo.You Will get a Thank You message :-“We have received your request and will offer 1GB Free + Voice benefits based on your eligibility over the nxt 3 days. Pls don’t change device for free offer.”
Note : After getting confirmation for valid code wait for two to three days, you will get another confirmation message for data.
Note : Do not change your handset till you receive the second  confirmation

Proof :

Want 3 GB Free Data ???
Then Visit This Link- Click Here

Free Internet : Aircel 3GB 3G Data For 3 Months 100% Working With Proofs | November 2014

Snapdeal is offering free Aircel 3G data with phones brought from it. Its just simple when you brought a phone from snapdeal after its delivery they will email the coupon to you via email. You can simply redeem it in your aircel sim.
Its Totally free and Official Offer from Aircel and Snapdeal.To grab this offer you have to buy a phone from snapdeal 😦But i’ll give you the best coupon for this ,you have to try your luck.If you were lucky then you will easily get the free data.So here we go :-

Steps To Get Free 3G Data :

  • Open your message and compose a new one.
  • Type the below code (Don’t Type this ****)

SD DR****

  • In place of **** type number between 5000-9000.
  • You might receive some error messages given below but remember “TRY TRY BUT DON’T CRY”.Keep trying your luck
  • These are Error messages :-
    1) Dear Customer promo code send has been already used. Please check the promo code and sent it again.
    2) Dear Customer it seems you have sent the invalid promo code. Please send the valid promo code.
  • If you got lucky and send an unused code then you will get a Thank you message (Given Below).
  • Thank you for choosing Aircel on your phone you bought on Snapdeal .We will offer you 1GB Free data for the next 3 months, during this time please do not change your handset to activate this offer. Offer Valid only on Prepaid subscriber.
If I share my experience then after sending 43-45 messages i got free data
My Code Was :
“SD DR4464”.
Update : There are more Codes like SD XR (or other) but all these are now totally used up so try this updated code : “SD DR****”
Note : After getting confirmation for valid code wait for a day or two, you will get another confirmation message for data.
Note : You will get 1 GB 3G Data / 3 month.
Note : Do not change your handset till you receive the second  confirmation

Proof :

Tutorial : How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome | Solved For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

I just faced a f**cking problem in my Windows 7 that my Google Chrome Start Showing SSL Connection Error in all Google Websites.Soon after that i discovered that many other people are also facing this problem ,So i will make you all happy by this tutorial for fixing this problem.People can’t access their emails [Gmail] because of this problem.I was totally confused and could not find any solution for it. So, I made all possible searches for it but unfortunately I could not find any solution for it.After that i go deeply in google chrome and after a hard work of about 2 days i found its causes and solution too.I learnt the root of this problem and finally come out with some successful solutions.

If you are also facing this problem then this tutorial is for you !! Here we go :-

So the problem is with Google Chrome.An error comes like this :-

Before coming to the Solutions You must know that what is SSL and The causes of this Error.

What is SSL Connection Error :

SSL means Secure Socket LayersSSL is an internet protocol that ensures privacy protection in many websites. It is used for safe data transmission in case of password login or confidential account information.Hence, the Google chrome browser has in-built default certificate list of various SSLs.As default, the settings in Google chrome is selected as medium, nor too strict neither too open.If there is some mismatch withing this list of SSL certificates, the SSL connection error arises.

Causes of SSL Connection error in Google Chrome Browser:

  • If there is a problem in CMS battery which leads to the Time and Date mismatches.
  • If SSL certificate is untrusted of that site.
  • If there is a SSL certificate name mismatch error.
  • If the SSL certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate authority.
  • If you are behind Corporate firewall and you are trying to use a htpps://
  • If the page contains both secure and non secure items.

Solution 1 :

  • Change the date and time correctly :
    Most often SSL connection error in Google Chrome browser arises due to mismatch date and time. It is because when you open a website (especially account websites like Gmail or Facebook) it tracks the location, date and time of your system. If there is a mismatch in the information, it blocks the certification from your system. So, just correct your date and time and relaunch the Google Chrome browser.

Solution 2 :

  • Tweak Google Chrome :
    This proposed solution is actually a fix and does not solve the root of the problem. Just follow the below steps to tweak Google Chrome Browser:
  • Right click on the Shortcut file of Google Chrome at your desktop.
  • Choose Properties. A Dialog Box will appear.
  • You would see a field named “Target”. Just Tweak that i.e modify it. Add the below code at the last as show in the below image.
  • After applying the below code just Click on OK.


 This Will Definitely Fix The Problem 🙂

Solution 3 :

  • Change the settings of Internet in Google Chrome Browser :
    Generally, the SSL error message comes when some of the elements of a secure webpage are not loaded by secure sources. This error comes mostly in frames, JavaScript and images. There are three possible to solve SSL error by changing the settings of internet:

Change the SSL settings in browser:

  • Open Google Chrome. Press “Customize and control Google Chrome” option.
Customize and Control Google Chrome Option

_Customize and Control Google Chrome Option_
  • Click on ” Settings”.
  • A new window of Google Chrome settings will open. Scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Now, scroll down. You will see a tab of “Change Proxy Settings” under Network. Click on it.
Change Proxy Settings option

_Change Proxy Settings option_
  • A new window of Internet Properties will open in your screen.
  • Choose “Security” tab.  Set Security level zone as medium. If it is selected as before then leave it.
  • Choose “Privacy” tab. Set Internet zone as medium. If it is selected as before then leave it.
  • Now, choose “Content” tab. Click on “Clear SSL state” and press OK.

_Fix SSL Connection error in Google Chrome – Clear SSL State option_
  • Now, relaunch the browser and open the desired website.
If this method also does not help you the follow the below browser settings:
  • Open Google Chrome. Press “Customize and control Google Chrome” option.
  • Click on ” Settings”
  • A new window of Google Chrome settings will open. Scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Now, scroll down. You will see a tab of “Manage Certificates”. Click on it.

_Manage Certificates option in Google Chrome_
  • A new window of certificates will open. Just import the desire certificate and relaunch the browser.

_Import Certificates option in Google Chrome_
  • That’s it. Now open your desired website without anu problem. 

Additional Tweak for Windows XP Users :

  • Guys i suggest you to stop using it because it no longer a part of Official Microsoft.If you Can not Install Windows Vista/7/8 because of low specs of your PC Then Make Sure you are using Service Pack 3 not 1 or 2.If yes then Download SP3 Package from Microsoft’s Official Website and Upgrade.

Tutorial : How To Take Screenshots In Android Devices Without Any Application

Today Android is very popular now everyone uses it and he/she is familiar with it.
Many asked me on facebook that how to take Screenshots in Android ??
Its Very easy guys, but the process isn’t the same for every device.
Before you learn how to take a screenshot you should check which version of Android your smartphone or tablet you are running.If you have a relatively modern smartphone (post-2011), such as a Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z/Z1/Z2 or Nexus 4/5, then you should be running at least Android HoneyComb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean or KitKat, which makes taking a screenshot a doddle.

Process for Taking Screenshot On You Android :

Method 1 :

The first and easiest way to take a screenshot on Android 4.0 and above is to simply press and hold down your android phone’s Power and Volume Down Button at the same time for 1 to 2 seconds. You should then hear a shutter noise and the screen will flash; there will also be a screenshot notification in the drop-down notification bar from which you can access your screenshot.

Note: This Method is Working In – Micromax, Some Samsung and Other Phones. Its also allow you to take a screenshot when you playing videos.

Method 2:

The second method is simple, too. This method is working on many samsung android mobiles. Press and hold your android phone’s Home Button and Power Button at the same time for 1 to 2 seconds.

Method 3:

In some phones ‘Take a screenshot’ option is available usually in the Power off menu.

Press and hold the power button for 1- to 2 seconds until the power options screen appears. If the option is available select ‘Take a Screenshot’. Don’t worry, it will take a screenshot of whatever is behind this menu.

Method 4:

If above methods are not works for you then use this methods. Press and hold your android phone’s Home Button and Back Button at the same time for 1 to 2 seconds. Or, Press and hold your android phone’s Power Button and Home Button at the same time.

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Android : Opera Mini 7.5 Mod Handler GUI for Android Full Download | Direct Links

Now These Days Many Tricks are in the Run ,Everyone wants to use Free Internet through VPN Or Proxy Both in PC And Mobile. So, In order to use free internet on mobile we must have some handler for it. This is a Working Opera Mini Handler Software. Enjoy Free Internet with This Software.

Download Opera Mini 7.5 Handler :
Note: You Need a Working Proxy Or, Front Query Trick To Use This Software For Free Internet.

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Techno News : Google is Enabling Faster Search on Slow Mobile Network in India

Using a new streamlined version of its search results page, the US-based company will automatically check if a user has a slow wireless connection and deliver a fast loading version of Search.

“Increasingly, people in India are accessing the Internet through mobile devices such as their smartphones. However, not all of these devices come with fast, cheap connections,” Google Distinguished Software Engineer Bharat Mediratta said in a blogpost.

Fewer bytes means users get answers faster and cheaper, he added.

“Google’s high-quality results will remain the same, but elements such as images and maps will only show up when they are an essential part of the result,” he said.

This is just another step Google is taking to organise the world’s information and make it accessible to everyone,including those who do not have fast mobile connections, Mediratta added.
Google has been increasing its focus on the Indian market, bringing out products designed to cater to the price and quality-conscious people in the country.
Last month, it launched its Android One initiative in the country first, saying it was originally conceived with India in mind.
Under the Android One initiative, Google had initially partnered with three handset makers — Micromax, Karbonn and Spice — to bring out handsets priced Rs Rs 6,399, aimed at making affordable smartphones available to a larger number of people.
It has now extended the programme to more manufacturers and is also expanding it to other countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
The US-based firm is also working to adding more options for searches in more local languages in India. Currently, Google has search options in nine languages here (for PCs).
Google, which offers voice-based search in 47 languages globally, also expects to roll out services in Indian regional languages in the future, though no specific timelines have been set for the same.