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Free Internet : Airtel 3G Proxy Trick For Mobile [Java and Android Handler] | November 2014

Guys , We recently posted Aircel 3G UDP VPN Trick its Working now also.As you all know we only post working tricks and today we will give you a superb Airtel 3G Proxy handler trick for mobiles with Unlimited Usage.This trick may not work in some regions but In U.P. East and In Delhi its working i personally tested it . It is based on a proxy and for that we provided you proxy handler also to use this trick both on java phones (.jar) and android phones (.apk).
There are Instructions given in the downloaded file so please read it carefully !!!

Requirements :

  • Airtel 3G Sim with 0 balance [Works in 2G also]
  • 3G Pack for 3G speed.
  • A Mobile that has Android or Java Enabled .

Advantages :

  • In 2G Speed is Upto 100+ Kbps.
  • In 3G Speed Is Upto 400+ Kbps.
  • No Speed Capping.
  • No sim Blocking.
  • Unlimited Usage.
  • Works In 0 balance.

Disadvantages :

  • Airtel 3G is available only in some circles.
  • Sometimes We face problems when connecting to 3G
  • You need to recharge a small amount 3G Pack to get 3G Speed,
    Otherwise ,you get 2G Speed.
  • Airtel 2G is Down in some circles of india.
    Speed may not cross 100 kbps.
  • Good thing is that it is unlimited 🙂

Steps To Use This Trick :

Android Mobile Users:
  1. Download Android Opera Handler (.apk) – Download it from here
  2. Download the Instructions from this link – Download it from here
  3. Make the proxy settings in the handler.
  4. Just Enjoy !!
Android Mobile Users:
  1. Download Java Opera Mini Handler (.jar) – Download it from here
  2. Instructions are also provided in the sabove download link.
  3. Make the proxy settings in the handler.
  4. Just Enjoy !!

Working States :

  • UP East
  • UP West
  • Delhi
  • Please Comment If it Works
    In Your State.

Downloads :

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If it is working for you ,Then plz say us thanks and Mention your State in the Comment !!!!