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Download : Windows 10 Preview ISO Released Officially | Direct download

Download Windows Technical Preview

Follow these steps to download Technical Preview:
  • Sign up for the Windows Insider Program.
  • Click one of the Download links on this page to download a special file—it’s called an ISO file—that you can use to install the preview.
  • When the download is complete, transfer the ISO file to installation media such as a DVD or USB flash drive.
  • Double-tap or double-click setup.exe from the installation media, and then follow the steps.
A PC running Windows Technical Preview

Important :

    • The easiest way to convert an ISO file to a DVD is to use Windows Disc Image Burner.
    • Remember, trying out an early build like this can be risky. That’s why we recommend that you don’t install the preview on your primary home or business PC. Unexpected PC crashes could damage or even delete your files, so you should back up everything.
    • If you want to stop using Windows Technical Preview and return to your previous version of Windows, you’ll need to reinstall your previous version from the recovery or installation media that came with your PC—typically a DVD. If you don’t have recovery media, you might be able to create recovery media from a recovery partition on your PC using software provided by your PC manufacturer. You’ll need to do this before you upgrade. Check the support section of your PC manufacturer’s website for more info.
    • After you install Windows Technical Preview, you won’t be able to use the recovery partition on your PC to go back to your previous version of Windows.

Download :

Download links


English 64-bit (x64) : Server 1 | Server 2
English 32-bit (x86) : Server 1 | Server 2
English (United Kingdom) 64-bit (x64) : Server 1 | Server 2
English (United Kingdom) 32-bit (x86) : Server 1 | Server 2
Portuguese (Brazil) 64-bit (x64) : Server 1 | Server 2
Portuguese (Brazil) 32-bit (x86) : Server 1 | Server 2

Note : These ISOs Are 100% Original.Taken from Microsoft’s Official Website.

Download : Windows Vista Ultimate Highly Compressed in 2 MB | Direct Download Link |

Windows Vista by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, and media center PCs.Development was completed on November 8, 2006, and over the following three months, it was released in stages to computer hardware and software manufacturers, business customers and retail channels. On January 30, 2007, it was released worldwide and was made available for purchase and download from Microsoft’s website. The release of Windows Vista came more than five years after the introduction of its predecessor Windows XP, the longest time span between successive releases of Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems.

More Info at wikipedia

Features Added :
  • Windows Aero
  • Windows shell
  • Windows Search
  • Windows Sidebar
  • Windows Internet Explorer 7
  • Windows Media Player 11
  • Windows Defender
  • Backup and Restore Center
  • Windows Mail
  • Windows Calendar
  • Windows Photo Gallery
  • Windows DVD Maker
  • Windows Media Center
  • Games
  • Games Explorer
  • Windows Mobility Center

Screen-Shots :

Download :
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Download : Activate Your Microsoft Windows 8/8.1/PRO and M.S. Office 2010/2014 With KMSpico 9.3 | Direct Links (8 MB) |

Requirements : .NET 4.0 or Windows 7/8/2012.
Activate :Windows Vista Business/N/Enterprise/N
                      Windows 7 Professional/N/Enterprise/N
                             Windows 8 All
                             Windows 8.1 All
                             Office 2010/2013
                             Windows Server 2008/Standard/Datacentre/Enterprise/2008R2/Standard/Datacentre/Enterprise/
                             Windows Server 2012/Standard/Datacentre/2012R2/Standard/Datacentre
How This Program Works:
1. Install KMSpico in Windows.
2. Create Shortcuts for KMSpico
3. Run automatically KMSELDI.
4. Make Tokens Backup.
5. Detect VL or Retail and depending of the License Status activate or convert to VL.
6. Activate for 180 days all VL products found.
7. Install a windows service that reactive every windows start.
8. Create a task schedule for AutoPico to run every 24 hours.
Change Log:
– Fixed WinDivert Offline.
– Fixed bugs with Office in W7/Vista.
Note : Legal Bases –
First of all you should know that I do NOT release these cracks
so that you “the end-user” can benefit from it in the term of
using software or any other of these releases without buying
the required licenses. heldigard however believe that everyone
should have the option to test and backup their program and be
able to run it without any problems.
Demo Videos:
Installation Process : 

Download Links :
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Download : Windows 8.1 PRO x86 Original DVD | ISO Image In 2.38 GB | Google Drive Direct Link |

Windows 8.1 PRO :

New Features :

Built for touch PCs and tablets
Check mark

Apps from the Windows Store
Check mark
Mail, People, and other built-in apps
Check mark
Keep your settings and apps on all your PCs and devices
Check mark
Bing smart search to find things across the web, apps, and your PC
Check mark
Start screen with live updates
Check mark
Faster startup times
Check mark
Original DVD Of Windows 8.1

System Requirements :

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • HDD: 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  •  User-Interface : Mouse ,Keyboard ,Monitor.
Screen-Shots :

Download : Windows 7 Crack Loader v3 Activation Patch with KEYGEN (In 6 MB Compressed)

This is the loader application that’s used by millions of people
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It works with VMware, VirtualBox ,etc.

1) Download this file by clicking the download link below.
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3. Carefully read the steps given inside “INSTRUCTIONS.txt”
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Tutorial : Install Android Jelly Bean 4.3 in Windows 7 /Ubuntu /Mac via VirtualBox. (Fully User-Friendly Guide)

Want to run Android on your PC? 

The Android-x86 Project has ported Android to the x86 platform from ARM. Android-x86 can be installed on netbooks with supported hardware, but you can also install Android in VirtualBox.

Android can be run as just another virtual machine, like you would run a Windows or Linux virtual machine. This allows you to play with the Android interface and install apps in a full Android environment on your PC.

What You’ll Need :  

    1. Android-x86 ISO (Download Latest 1) – Official Website 
    2. Virtual Box (Official Website) (You May Download For Windows ,Mac ,Linex)

    Follow :

    • Install VirtualBox: Download and install VirtualBox if you don’t already have it installed.
    • Download an Android-x86 ISO: You can find the latest Android-x86 ISO files at Google Code. Download the latest one — currently Android 4.3.

    Creating an Android Virtual Machine

    You can now open VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine by clicking the New button. Go through the wizard and configure your virtual machine with the following settings:

    • Operating System: Linux – Linux 2.6
    • Memory Size: 512 MB
    • Hard Drive Size: 3 GB or More
    STEP 1 :
    1. Open Virtual Box
    2. Click On “New”
    3. Enter The “Name” ; “Type” ; “Version”
    4. Click Next
    STEP 2 :

    Choose How Much RAM Space You Like To Give For Your Android Jelly Bean.

    **You Must Give At Least 300+ MB**
    **512 MB is Recommended & You Should**

    STEP 3 :

     Create A Virtual Drive Image (Disk Space For Android 4.3)
     Click Next

    **Give At least 2 GB To Android 4.3 **

    STEP 4:
    Now Click On Setting Button And Go To Storage And Add the Android x86 4.3 .iso in the Controller Root.
    STEP 5:
    Now Click On Start Button & Start The Programme…!
    STEP 6 :

     Now You Can see A Boot Menu Either You Select “Run Android-x86 without installation”.

    If you Choose “Run Android-x86 without installation” Then You are ready to use Android Jelly Bean ….!
    **But If You Want to Install It Choose “Install Android-x86 to Harddisk”

    STEPS For Installing Android-x86 4.4
     STEP 1 : 

    We’ll need to create a partition for the Android system. Select the Create/Modify partitions option and press Enter.

    STEP 2 :
     Select the New option with your arrow keys and press Enter to create a new partition in the free space.

    STEP 3 :
     Choose the Primary option and press Enter, then press Enter again to have the partition take up the entire size of the virtual disk you created.
    STEP 4 :

    Highlight the Bootable option and press Enter to make the partition bootable, then select the Write option and press Enter to write your changes to the virtual disk. You’ll have to type yes and press Enter to confirm writing the changes.

    STEP 5 :

    Activate the Quit option and you’ll go back to the Choose Partition screen.
    This time, you’ll see the partition you created at the top of the screen. Select the partition and press Enter to install Android to it.

    STEP 6 :

    Select the ext3 file system, and then select Yes to format the partition.

    STEP 7 :

    Choose Yes to install the GRUB bootloader, and then select Yes to install the /system directory as read-write.

    STEP 8 :
     **Once you’re done, you can remove the ISO file and reboot your virtual machine**
    STEP 1 (Android-x86 4.3 Is Installed) :

    Android should boot up like any other operating system would in your virtual machine. As with an Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll have to go through the setup process and optionally provide Google account details. Skip the Wi-Fi setup screen — Android will use your virtual machine’s standard Internet connection. 
     STEP 2 :
    If your mouse cursor doesn’t work, click the Machine menu and select the Disable Mouse Integration option. Click inside the virtual machine and you’ll see the mouse cursor. Press the host key displayed at the bottom-right corner of the virtual machine window (default key: Right Ctrl) to release the mouse cursor from the virtual machine.

    STEP 3 :

    You’ll boot into a live Android environment, complete with Google apps like Gmail, Maps, and the Play Store for installing other apps.
    Android is primarily designed for touch input, but it can also be used with a mouse and keyboard — this means that your computer’s mouse and keyboard can function as serviceable input devices. Just don’t try doing anything you need multi-touch for.

     **** TIP ****
    If Internet Does’t Work You Can Go Through The Settings >Network And Choose Your Preferred Network.


    Windows 7 Crack Loader v2.4.1 Activation Patch with KEYGEN…..!

    This is the loader application that’s used by millions of people worldwide, well known for passing Microsoft’s WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) and is arguably the safest Windows activation exploit ever created. The application itself injects a SLIC (System Licensed Internal Code) into your system before Windows boots; this is what fools Windows into thinking it’s genuine. Features include Added a new GRLDR, Redesigned the advanced options tab and added an option to relocate the RSDP to the EBDA, Added Seneca and Twinhead Windows 7 Professional keys, Added BenQ Windows 7 Home Premium key, Added Seneca SLIC and certificate, Other minor tweaks and fixes. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Itâ??s compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and all system updates. Itâ??s compatible with all system languages. It can be used to pre-activate Windows. It allows you to install custom OEM information. It features application integrity checking. It supports hidden partitions and some complex setups. It can work alongside Linuxâ??s GRUB or any other boot manager. It works with VMware, VirtualBox and Hyper-V. It works with most hard drive encryption software e.g. TrueCrypt or BitLocker. It allows you to add your own certificates and serials externally. It will install just the certificate and serial for users with an existing SLIC 2.1. It features automated system profiling (The application matches everything up for you). It wonâ??t modify any system files. It runs before Windows is launched. No extra processes are run so you have
    Download Keygen + Crack

    nothing eating at your RAM. All key parts of the loader are encrypted with a custom encryption. Every user has a unique version of the loader installed on his or her system.

    1. Download this file by clicking the download link below.
    2. Extract the highly compressed file using WinRAR or 7zip.
    3. Carefully read and follow the steps inside INSTRUCTIONS.TXT
    4. Have fun and enjoy!

    Download Windows Xp x64 Original Highly Compressed In 10 MB (100% Original),Tested – Exclusive!!!


    Very Highly Compressed Windows Xp 64x DVD In 10 MB 
    After extracting it size will about 4.7 GB.
    100% bootable with boot .iso image ,you can also boot your P.C with pendrive also with rufus v1.3.3.exe make bootable pendrives!
    System requirements for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition are as follows:
    • Processor: x86-64 processor;
    • Memory: At least 128 MB of RAM;
    • Video adapter and monitor: Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution;
    • Hard drive disk free space: At least 1.5 GB
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    File size: 10 MB

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