Tutorial : Update Your Android into Kit-Kat (4.4) | In 3 Simple Steps |

Update to Kit-Kat in 3 Simple Steps :

The update is about 230.7MB big ,so make sure you have enough data or over wifi.
Once updated, the phone will get a new dialer app, SMS/MMS integration onto Google Hangouts, a new editing feature in the photo gallery and support for printing via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Google Cloud Print. Additionally, KitKat also brings a redesigned status bar, battery efficiency, and more colored emojis.

4.4 Supports OTG Cable *

We can follow these steps to update our android into Kit-Kat :

  1. Go to settings>About Phone.
  2. Select System Updates.
  3. Click on download and once that is done, Install.

*NOTE* : We cannot downgrade our android version after installing this update.

The update change log follows:

  • Effects.
  • Phone Dialer.
  • Gallery.
  • Photo editor.
  • Print feature.
  • OTG Cable support.
  • Cloud apps.
  • Hangout + SMS/MMS.
  • Wifi Alterveutor.

Stay tuned!

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